What is it unique
about UnitedTeleBot?

Your invested penny earns a pre-determined daily growth rate. You'll receive a daily return, regardless of external conditions.

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How is this phenomenon backed up?

The answer is simple - Telegram is the fastest growing app in the world. As long as something continues to grow, there is an opportunity to profit from it. With millions of new users and chats joining daily, we have a never-ending stream of traffic to monetize.

  • Pre-calculated growth
  • Focus on Automation
  • Growing community

How the Traffic is Monetized?

But how can we monetize traffic that we do not own? The answer is simple again - we need to offer something valuable. This is how we can attract our own audience within Telegram. Introducing our brand new tool - πŸ€– UnitedTeleBot.

  • Neural-driven alghorithm
  • Ladder Ref System
  • Blockchain Payments

Key Features

Just a quick look on what UTBπŸ€– is capable of:

Safe Wallet

Your funds are in a place where your discussions are – πŸ”’ private and accessible at once.


Deposit, withdraw and convert
all just in a few πŸ‘† taps
Simple, secure and instant.

24h support

Though it's fully automated there is a human πŸ§‘ behind it always ready to help.

Ladder System

Two seasons per year each one is full of prizes πŸ† and special events. Ready to hit the top?

Affiliate System

Gain both money and rating points inviting people to UTB by a unique πŸ”—link of yours.


Join our UTB Chat Group.
A useful source of tactics and strategies for an πŸ’Ή investor.

UTB Knowledge Base

Main source of truth and receipts for our investors.

bot overview
UTB Bot Overview

Welcome to United TeleBot, where stability is our priority, we offer...

  • 5 Minutes
daily token growth
Daily Token Growth

Due to natural growth and marketing campaigns, we are gaining thousands...

  • 10 Minutes
rating system
Rating System

As you move up the ladder, you will unlock new bonuses and sometimes...

  • 7 Minutes
protect your funds
Protect Your Funds

You can set a password on your Telegram app to add an extra layer...

  • 3 Minutes
how to buy crypto
How to Buy Crypto?

Buying crypto but don’t know how to start? We’ve got you covered...

  • 10 Minutes
how to top up and withdraw
How to top up and withdraw?

This is an instruction manual for using United TeleBot...

  • 7 Minutes


Not only the daily income is pre-calculated, but the strategical steps as well

  1. Working on the algorithm βœ…

    September 2022

    Building a first AI-driven system that converts traffic into measurable profit growth. Testing and refining the use of big data involved.

  2. Launching B2C traffic platform βœ…

    October 2022

    A robust and multi-functional tool for buying or selling traffic, depending on the user's needs.

  3. Creating an open community βœ…

    November 22

    A platform where clients and investors can connect in a transparent manner. A members-only Telegram chat is also provided.

  4. Launching the UTB Bot βœ…

    December 2023

    Easy deposits and withdrawals, a wide range of functionality, and special mechanics that lead to growing profits.

  5. Starting Ladder Season #1 βœ…

    January 2023

    New year comes with a brand new Rating System which will launch at the end of January 23. It represents a new way to generate decentralized prize pools.

  6. Blockchain token release βœ…

    February 23

    Deploying the UTB-token on a fast and widely used network, which is BEP-20. We will announce additional networks in the future.

  7. UTB v 2.0 Launch πŸ•¦

    April 23

    Some new mechanics are going to be introduced. A well-balanced system has to be evolving all the time.

  8. New payment methods πŸ•¦

    May 2023

    Adding new options for both deposit and withdrawal, including Telegram's spin-off token TON and credit cards. Additional cryptocurrencies and methods will be announced later.



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